07 July 2009

life lessons + {julia's kitchen}

sorry for the lack of monday shoes yesterday. things have been rather hectic around here.

for starters we have officially terminated the contract on the baby yellow bungalow. i know. i'm pretty sad about it. but i think it just wasn't meant to be. it really was one thing after another. and it needed so many repairs (and not even fun repairs like updating the bathroom. though it did need that. but i mean completely unglamorous things like the septic tank + the water heater + air conditioner + furnace...the list goes on) and the sellers were being entirely uncooperative and said they would not fix a thing. so as b put it, we were pretty much under contract for a wooden tent. and while we don't need all that much space, we do need things like air conditioning. i mean a savannah summer without air conditioning? really not survivable. so with a little bit of a heavy heart, we said goodbye to the littlest bungalow. definitely a lesson to homebuyers (especially new homebuyers) :: don't get too emotionally attached, even after the contract is signed, or your wallet will really suffer. so the house hunt has resumed! we are optimistic and already have a few potential {new} bungalows. i'll keep you posted.

and to make a sad day worse, early this morning some nice person decided to throw a brick through b's car window and stole our gps. the sacrifices we make for downtown living.

so after all of this, i am seriously ready for some comfort food. and what better place to visit than the kitchen of julia child? you can find mrs. child's kitchen in the smithsonian's national museum of american history but below is the reproduction for the upcoming film, julie & julia {comes out in august :: i can't wait}. read more about the process of recreating her 1960s iconic kitchen in country living magazine.

amazing how stores and wedding registry lists have fooled us all into thinking we need the latest gadgets and most modern updates to even have a chance at success with cooking. what happened to the casual live-in kitchens of our grandmothers? too many kitchens these days are so focused on putting on airs with all the fanciness that they don't know how to serve up the food. so today of all days, i'm going to take a page out of julia's {cook}book. happy tuesday friends, i'm heading home to bake a pie.


Paula said...

sad swin, good luck on the hunt!

KL said...

Dear friend, I am so sorry about your horrible Tuesday. May I take you to see Julie & Julia??