06 April 2009

{put on your monday shoes}

elle magazine recently launched a new shoe diary blog which promises a daily peek into their closet full of fabulous designer shoes. while this most certainly catches my attention, it's really sad to have to always be in the position of admirer rather than acquirer.

so considering many of elle's featured shoes are likely the equivalent to the down payment on a small house, i plan to feature shoes for the real person. and promise they will all be $100 or less. and what better day to have such a feature than on mondays. so here is my first feature shoe candy to start off your week.
these happy-go-lucky silver lake sandals by Pink are from none other than my favorite store, anthropologie. but do not worry, they do not come with the typical anthro shoe price tag and are currently on sale even. take them to your picnic for $59.95. perfect to welcome springtime whether sundress or denim jean.

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