03 July 2009

{adventures in sewing}

update :: i found this wonderful line of comments over at apartment therapy about what to look for when buying your first sewing machine.

over the past two weekends, i took a sewing class at fabrika, a hip and fun fabric store in downtown savannah, owned by two recent SCAD graduates {read :: this is not your grandmother's sewing shop. you'll find both modern prints & perspective. how refreshing.}.

annnd yesterday b and i went to look at sewing machines, if that tells you anything about how much i loved the class. i'm still in the research phase of the sewing machine purchase, mainly which means i'm trying to figure out how much i want to spend. the girls at the shop have raved about berninas, but those beauties are definitely the porsches of sewing machines. but i would really like to get a machine i will have forever and will never outgrow. any seamstresses out there with good advice?

in the meantime, i couldn't resist sharing a few things i made in the class...

:: circles ::

:: seams :: darts ::

:: box pleats ::

:: pocket ::

:: ruffles :: {my favorite} and actually pretty simple to make.

:: and here is my tote bag ::

:: ta da ::

it was easy to make a good one with all the amazing fabic choices at fabrika {in addition to the fantastic instruction of course}. it's definitely dangerous that the shop is located within three blocks of our apartment. i'm thinking that once i get my machine, i may be their new best friend.


and speaking of sewing, check out this easy ruffle project.

also, a few other {links} i couldn't resist sharing ::
oh to have a job with creativity.
wedding on a toilet paper budget. literally

happy friday & fourth of july!

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