23 June 2009

not quite our {bungalow} :: before

** as an update ** our contract on this bungalow fell through, but b & i think we found one even better. see what i mean?

big, big news in savannah. after over 3 weeks of negotiation, we are finally under contract on the baby yellow bungalow on the marsh creek in wilmington island (which is between savannah & tybee). here it is in its 800 sf, 2 bedroom/1 bath loveliness. below are a few before pictures. we haven't fully decided what all projects we plan to take on, but the inside especially will get a complete face lift. i am ecstatic to soon have real life projects to share on this blog (closing is july 20!).

first photo is the front of the house, facing the driveway (look real closely through the trees on the right side for a glimpse of the marsh). the huge oaks and palm trees are definitely one of the reasons we were so drawn to this part of wilmington island. we've been thinking about ways to create a better entrance and would like to add a front porch. don't worry, whatever we build will definitely have to work with that big oak tree in the front. it's not going anywhere.

this is the view of the back of the house. the master bedroom is the large window on the left. we are thinking one day we might enclose the screen porch for a sun room & more interior space and add an additional porch. also if we ever expand the house to add another bedroom & bath, it would likely come out from the master bedroom window, towards the marsh.

here is our marsh creek & **the view** from our lot. this is pretty much high tide, so it is deceiving in that it looks like we are on deep water.

here's the view at mid tide. unfortunately, neither of the docks come with our property. so in the event that we acquire a little boat (or more likely a kayak or two), we will be pushing off from the shore. however, our property does come with the matching yellow bench and a whole lot of necessary yard work. haa

here we are at low tide. the water pretty much clears out completely, but there is always a view (check out the storm clouds rolling by). we just have to pay attention to the tides when we go out on the water so we don't get stuck waiting for the tide to come back in.

and here are a few pictures from the interior. the front entrance brings you into the kitchen space. the kitchen currently leaves something to be desired, but we would actually prefer it that way so we have plenty of room to make the house our own. for example, i already purchased that farmhouse sink off craigslist and have been toting it around in the back of my car for the past month. i can't wait for it to look like this or this.

here is the living room space. these photos were taken on two different days and you can see how much brighter it is when the sun's out (see left photo). we are probably going to knock out the wall between the kitchen and den (which is behind you if you are standing where b is in the right photo) so we'll have one big open area. and while in the mood for destruction, we're going to open up the ceiling to the roof line. here's what i mean. we can't wait to cozy up to the fireplace (once its painted you know) and gaze out the french doors. another thing that is ripe to go is the vinyl floor in the kitchen and the cheap old carpet throughout the rest of the house. would love to put down floors like these.

here are photos of the two bedrooms. the one to the left is the master and the one to the right is the second bedroom ("bedroom" is a very generous description as it is t.i.n.y.). but we plan to build one of these on the back wall with the window so we can take advantage of every foot and still create a comfortable guest room.

here is the one bathroom in the house. it is also very small and the area in most need of a makeover. and we plan to give it one from ceiling to nasty vinyl floor. we can hopefully steal a little space from the master bedroom (which is the wall to the left), reposition the tub to the left wall, and redo the entire layout to give us enough room to stick in a stacked washer and dryer. the photo to the right is the hallway from the small bedroom looking into the master. the light coming from the right is out of the bathroom and if you walk to the left, you are back in the living room.

welcome to our little bungalow. i can't wait to share pictures once the projects begin! let me know if you have any good ideas, especially when it comes to getting creative in a small space.

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KL said...

Congratulations to the Shells! I am so, so excited and happy for you. Can't wait for you to put me to work! :)