02 June 2009

{built-in beds}

our dream-bungalow has two bedrooms and the second bedroom just barely qualifies as such at it's tiny 7 ft x 13 ft space, resulting in quite a few comments about it being nursery size. hah. well if our dream-bungalow does in fact become a reality --we put in an offer today (!)-- b & i hope to fashion a built-in bed for the tiny bedroom, which will accomplish two things: 1. provide a cozy space for all the visitors we hope to have and 2. establish that it is Not Even Close to being a nursery!

this first picture might be my favorite of the bunch. punchy colors & lots of pillows look ideal for an afternoon nap or reading spot.

another part of the appeal of a built-in bed is the storage space it will create with built-in drawers. and since our hope is to have a built-in queen size bed, we are thinking to even create a small trap door in the back of the space which will provide storage behind the space where the drawers will stop. since that storage will be a little harder to get to, it will be perfect for storing christmas ornaments or other things not used too often.

not sure our bedroom would have room for built-in shelves, but i love the idea.

lots of drawers add storage + height to the bed. plus the canopy and curtains make a bold statement in such a small space. and i of course love the white washed plank walls.

graceful arched ceiling lends a romantic touch to this built-in bed and keeps practical storage below.

cozy reading nooks...

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Anne @ The City Sage said...

LOVE these little nooks! They're so sweet and cozy. Great image round up!