28 October 2009

{bungalow windows & wash}

yes, yes. more of the bungalow. the windows are in!
finally have our bedroom view, i mean as much as we enjoy plywood...

downstairs den gets a facelift too.

and window seat nook. remember before?

oh and these last two photos are perhaps my favorite update. before in the studio sunroom there were two cheap-o sliding glass doors on either side. the one pictured below went straight into the carport. so aside from wanting to create a more comfortable space to get away from that one-car garage feeling room, we were looking for a way to bring the laundry from out of the cold and into the house.

solution: close in outside wall, create laundry closet & cozy space. i finally cashed in my birthday present of a front loading washer and dryer {you know your an official grown-up when...} which will be stacked in the left portion of the closet. the right side is intended to function as a normal closet in the event that we need to market this room as a real 3rd bedroom. thinking we'll likely use it for storage & a clothes drying area. also i think our stairs with landing is a major upgrade from the garage type ones above.

p.s. and all that fake wood paneling? history. more photos to come.


KL said...

How exciting! It's really coming along!

Melissa Banta said...

LOVE IT!! Looks so great! I love following your renovation. Thinking of both of you often. xoxo

Mary Godwin said...

good stuff! isn't progress fun? love. it. all.

Anonymous said...

Looking good guys. Can't wait to see it.