12 September 2009

{a room with a lofty view}

feeling very accomplished at the moment, so there's no waiting until monday to share:

today b & i spent some quality time with our bungalow bedroom ceilings. the first photo pretty much sums up the need for the makeover :: popcorn paint + uneven dry wall + just under 8 foot ceilings, all leaving quite a bit to be desired. so, for heaven's sake, Something Had To Be Done.

ok, i should say, as a side note, we have already enlisted the assistance of ricky, the contractor, to help us with jobs best left up to those with slightly more experience than we (say, plumbing, electrical, installing windows, etc.) but like any good contractor finding himself in the middle of a recession (or -let's face it- not), ricky has quite a knack for filling our pretty little heads with, um, every possible improvement we can make.

though to be fair, the bedroom ceilings, they were our idea.

so to save money on contractor labor costs and to dive right in to our bungalow projects, we decided to try our hands at swinging the hammer. literally.

here's the before photo (lovely sharpie drawing on the far wall is credited to ricky) :

turns out demo isn't really a difficult job, it's just a very dirty one. this photo was taken at the point we made the decision to scoot over to lowes for backup (in the form of masks & safety goggles).

annnnnd within an hour, here's the state of our bedroom affairs.
that's quite a mess you've made, sir.

just ten or so contractor-grade garbage bags later and ...
(remember the floors still need a bit of attention as well)

and ::*TA DA*:: vaulted ceilings have arrived at the bungalow! obviously this is far from finished, but we are consulting ricky for the next steps (& whether it's time for professionals to take over). for example, because the sky opened up with insulation (which let me just warn you, is quite an itchy business. definitely will wear long pants next time i decide to roll around in invisible shards of fiberglass), we'll have to re-insulate to make sure there is more than just 2x4s between our pillows & the shingles. also, the ductwork will have to find a new home. and we're pretty sure the horizontal beams are not structural (but, yes dad, promise to check with ricky before whipping out my chain saw) so in that case, they'll come down, too.

and with just a little more work, our bungalow bedroom will be looking like this :

{last image via domino}

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