18 September 2009

{sunlight spot}

with a 1945 bungalow come lots of space designing challenges. lately i've been thinking about the exceptionally spacious window seat in what will soon be our sunroom studio {+ laundry, guest bedroom, & office... = our everything room?}

here's a close up {& before photo: fake wood paneling is going the way of the wind} of the window nook. new windows should be in today & monday. {!!}

an outside view of the window seat:

and some ideas:
{images via :: domino (3,9-11), house beautiful (4, 8), unknown (5), ny times (6), delikatissen (7)}

happy friday. b & i are heading north for another wedding on the coast of virginia. and its going to be quite an adventure as we will be joining 3 of our best friends to stay in a rv for the weekend (closest hotel is 25 minutes from the reception site, whereas campground is less than a minute...so it was a no brainer really.)
have a lovely weekend.

p.s. cool idea, but would you keep up?
these make me want to have a party. with a cake.
sometimes i lust after things like this, normal?
and also this {bonus points if you know on which show it was recently featured. annnd who wore}
making plans to go here.

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