25 August 2009

{belated monday shoes}

i know, i know...monday has come and gone. in my defense, i was a little sick yesterday. was thinking it was strep throat, but no, my feared deathy illness has just settled into a really annoying summer cold (why is it that summer colds are so much worse than winter colds?). i think going out of town (and having too much fun) for multiple weekends in a row has really started to wear on my immune system. (but not to worry, friends in alabama, just a little dayquil and i have everything under control and promise to be in tip top shape by this weekend.)

so in my usual fashion, i figured i had to give you some ruffles to make it up to you. b is not going to be pleased by this post as he dislikes any shoe that fits into the "bootie" category, but how cute and feminine will these ruffle booties look with tights and a fall skirt??

{make it ruffle :: dollhouse kim $70 at piperlime (brown or black), madden girl raleigh platform ruffle bootie (though these come in other colors, i'm telling you, you're going to want some purple for fall) $49 at dsw, js by jessica truffle peep toe ruffle bootie $69 at dsw}

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