21 August 2009

{making a kitchen}

i have a new favorite movie. julie & julia. yesterday evening, kl and i shared chocolate malt balls while salivating over julia child's french food masterpieces. aside from making your mouth water, this is a feelgood, laughoutloud, charactersareyourbestfriends kind of movie (albeit several horror film previews pre movie, not sure what that was about..). anyway, all the thoughts of cooking have really got me thinking about the bungalow kitchen. and i think i may have found our perfect cabinet color, courtesy of windsor smith's beautiful l.a. home. drink in the sultry hue of benjamin moore's polo blue (hmm, just found the paint swatch online and it looks
::n o t h i n g:: like this inky midnight blue we have in the photos below. does it look like an ugly brown on your screen, too? whyyyy? ...in any case, the color i'm hoping for is that in the photos below).

now picture the bungalow kitchen cabinets drenched in polo blue (or a variation, if polo blue does in fact = baby poop brown) with satin nickel cup pulls (at least the drawers), coupled with my farmhouse sink (<3), gleaming white deck floors, and we'll need a pop of color somewhere...i'm thinking maybe we'll paint the back door turquoise (not unlike one of my all time favorite domino magazine kitchens, see last photo below).

would love to have enough space for a big ol table in the kitchen, but just around the corner will work just fine, too. i suppose you've gotta take the space as it's given to you (or at least as your money will allow). but i can't help daydreaming about windsor's centuries old french wooden table cozied up to her gleaming stainless steel range.

wishing carrera marble was in our budget... though while admiring it i just noticed smart skinny shelves above/around the sink

see the amazingness of a pop of color in a dark space. i'm also still having a romance with that chandelier. so yes, add that onto the bungalow kitchen list above.

{images via :: house beautiful & domino (last one only)}

p.s. happy weekend! this weekend b & i are heading north for a richmond wedding and are looking forward to making all kinds of bungalow related lists during the 7 hour car ride.

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