20 August 2009

{window shopping}

sadly the windows of the bungalow are going the way of the wind once the keys have been turned over to b & yours truly. aside from the fact that the windows are old, drafty, and have single panes, apparently many of them are rotting (if even existant) and are not in good shape. ...so, we decided that before we move in, our windows are going to get a complete makeover. lately i've been trying to track down the perfect window style that will still have the 1940s charm to stay true to the look of the house. and really we can't complain about the savings we'll see in our utility bills.

so first up, are the paned windows. panes (in my mind anyway) tend to look better when they are thinner (elegant lines + less blockage of marsh views = win-win). also, i'm not completely committed to the idea of painting some of them a color (e.g. serene robin's egg blue window below) but i think i'd definitely like the option (i.e. interior panes must be of a material that can be painted. ... if budget allows.)

ok, yes, we do not have any windows that could begin to look like this, but just humour me for a moment while i pretend.

more panes that aren't white but are instead have more of a natural rustic finish to them. don't think i'd want all the windows to look like this, but i do like the idea.

budget constraints means our windows are more than likely going to look a lot like the below windows. and really, i like the double hung paned windows. of course the subway tile to go along with them is nice too.

hmmm, what about black trim?? considering we plan to paint the floors white, painting interior window panes black could provide some needed weight to the rooms. also, notice the small hand grip hardware on these windows. details like that could help tie the windows back into the 1940s style of the house.

more dark panes. really looks elegant in this light colored room. love the style of these windows too, but i'm wondering if they open. let's hope so.

i think our windows do need a pane here and there. these, while lovely, are probably too modern for our bungalow. that window seat looks comfy though, doesn't it?

while our bungalow doesn't have a real sun room, these windows --which according to google, i think you would call them french casement windows-- could work in so many places. and i am a little bit over the moon for them ..

yes, i think these windows would fit in quite beautifully with our house. but not holding my breath while i track down pricing.

still loving this. and how perfect would these windows be in our bay window?

ohhh and french casement windows with panes.

mhmm, i'll take these, please.

what do you think?

{images via :: living etc, azulskies, country living, this old house, mary mcdonald via shelter, ny times, johner bildbyra, domino, delikatissen, black white yellow, interior devine ... sorry, no time to track down the links, just google :) }

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spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Thanks for the eye candy! I love your blog and am going to add it to my blogroll. M. Gaunce referred me here - keep up the awesome work!