26 August 2009

{cozy canteen}

have i told you about the little bar nook that we want to make under the stairs in the bungalow?? ok check this out.

here's our space. (straight ahead will be the den & around the wall on the left is the front door)

and voila! here is the after photo. only, no. this is thom filicia's genius wet bar. but throw up some wood planks/beadboard and a few open shelves (oh and i'll have to show you a photo of the bar table/console on wheels that we have later (my first major purchase on ebay, i'm so proud), which will solve the dilemma of accessibility to the little door (see above) that will contain the water heater). and there it is again, right on thom's stairs: saturated inky-black paint. aside from providing some glamour, don't you think it makes the space seem much more grown-up? dark colors are not for babies, you know.

{above image :: thom filicia's kitchen photographed for domino.}

p.s. closing is delayed. harumph. but probably for the best, as the appraisal has been held up. nothing major or evoking any heartbreak, supposedly all is still just fine, but it is delayed, which is frustrating as it seems there is always something... so we have rescheduled to monday. keep your fingers crossed that this is the final hoop we are jumping through. i feel like when all is said and done b & i will be worthy of a standing ovation. ta da! of course i will make a big announcement here, and hopefully that'll be monday.

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