15 July 2009

{natural golden honey}

i've never really considered a butcher block countertop until b and i came across what may soon be our new bungalow. this new bungalow of which i speak is very similar to the baby yellow bungalow only it has siggggnnificantly more space (definitely in the 4 digits when it comes to sq ft, take that yellow bungalow!), but no less projects (at least the fun kind anyway). i'm not going to post pictures of it yet, so as not to jinx any potential deals we'd like to make, but i will certainly keep you posted in the event that we do strike a deal. anyway, one of the perks of this new bungalow (besides more space) is that it has a kitchen that would not need an entire overhaul. and the kitchen already has what appears to be an old butcher block countertop. it is definitley in need of serious cleaning and a few coats of oil, but i'm guessing we could have it looking like one of these babies in no time. what are your thoughts on butcher block counters? browse through these photos and you might find yourself taking a liking to em...

ooo my farmhouse sink (which is still in the back of my car...ha) would be perfect.

works with modern lines too.

i really like the drawer pulls +subway tile in above left and the wall mounted faucet + backsplash in above right

above with subway tile or painted brick? hard to tell but either way i really like it

i'm noticing a trend in cabinet color. good thing i like white cabinets (+ beadboard)

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merium said...

Gaaaaah! We are in the middle of a kitchen reno! Why did I not think of butcher block counters???? Too late for me, but a fantastic idea!