03 October 2010

beginnings:: {steal magnolias}

two things:
1. have been overflowing with projects & great house finds far exceeding the capacity of the bungalow.
2. have a secret dream of owning my own little store.
so big news:
i signed up to have my very own booth/baby store at steal magnolias here in savannah.

and here's take one on our very first day (today! - for once i am on top of a blog post). collecting, putting together & styling --even in an 8x10 space-- comes together over time but i'm pretty proud of our beginnings.
steal magnolias opened only about six months ago at 800 habersham street. it used to be an old drugstore, so you can imagine the transition from rite aid to antique mall. love the facelift dutch blue paint gave the storefront.
care to see the very beginning of the booth? here it is the day i dropped off my deposit check (about two weeks ago). the owners just had a few pieces to fill the space until i moved in. upon seeing what would soon be my space, the first thing i noticed was the orange paint and the black chair rail, neither of which really went with my aesthetic. dealers are not permitted to paint walls (for understandable reasons) so i came up with another solution...
...a painted drop cloth. my ideal color was a slate gray (i used benjamin moore's deep space -- seen in the bungalow here and here -- i love this color) which would lend an air of sophistication, add dimension to the white walls, and provide a dark yet neutral background--perfect for all of my colorful pieces. the drop cloth also added texture and helped to make a 3 walled booth feel like a cozy and inviting space. (can i just tell you that this project made me feel like i was on an episode of design star??, which--while we're on the subject of my secret dreams--is another one.)

here's the booth after the first load of furniture. a flatweave rug (which is actually the only thing in the booth not for sale as it is on loan from the bungalow until rugs that can be for sale are acquired) covers dated drugstore linoleum tiles.
and here we are after moving things around. added a chartreuse floral panel to layer in some depth, which will hopefully continue to happen as the space continues to evolve. i'm looking for a few heavier pieces to add some weight to the space (right now everything's a little too "leggy") and a few more framed pieces to add to the walls, but other than that, i couldn't be happier with my first go.
am in love with this jade chandelier i refinished myself (would you believer it used to be a dated brass?). and i'm pretty sure kelly wearstler would love this rose gold retro table. also do you recognize the chair? it and the 3 others received a little facelift before their booth debut.
and here's the other side: framed botanicals, cornflower blue baker's rack, vintage sewing box, petite yellow stool with black & white striped fabric, vintage tablecloths, etc... did i mention all of this is for sale?? please pop by for a visit! and tell everyone you know!
and finally, i have to say this could not have come together without the enthusiasm, flexibility, and hard work of my sweet mother. mom, you make even the most tedious projects enjoyable.


KL said...

Sarah it looks WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations to you! :)

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

So happy for you! I wish that I were still local -- I would be one of your first customers Looks great!

claire teschel said...

sarah! this is so great! i live a mere 2 blocks from steal magnolias. i will definitely have to visit your lovely, little booth.


sss said...

thanks friends! claire, i love that you are so close & i'd love to see your cute little house in person sometime too!

Julie said...

sarah, congrats! this is so awesome. it looks just lovely! best of luck. i'll have to make a run up to savannah to acquire some of your pretties for my own little bungalow. so proud of you! xoxoxo

sss said...

thanks julie!! i hope you are doing well and hope to see you (either in savannah or jacksonville) sometime soon! xoxo!