26 August 2010

{farmhouse beauty}

finally have our very own.
set for friends tonite
now you see what i mean about wishing for new chairs. four plus an old vanity chair does not a dining set make.
secret storage.


Charnie said...

Is this Meemama's China? Or something similar? You have a beautiful home and such a knack for making it your own.

KL said...

It was even lovelier in person. :)

sss said...

Thanks so much! Charnie, it is Meemama's Singapore Bird china. It has and will always remind me of her. Let me know if you're ever in Savannah, we'd love to have y'all over for dinner to see the house in person!

Jacklene Szadek said...

Where did you get the mason jar drink glasses?? I'm obsessed!

sss said...

Hi Jacklene,
Believe it or not, the mason jar glasses are true mason jars used for canning and are just from wal-mart. This was one of my best discoveries, you can get a pack of 12 for I think $6 or $7. We bought two different styles and use them all together.

DomesticJenny said...

love that table!