06 August 2010

{a master view}

this is a long overdue post, so prepare for photo overload. we are finally almost entirely settled in the bungalow master bedroom. and it is nearly perfect.

just 9 months ago here we were with popcorn ceilings and plywood windows.

b & i took a few hammers to the ceiling...

and created vaulted ceilings in unused attic space. {to be fair, we hired a contractor to construct the ceiling, but saved money doing the demo ourselves}

white painted beadboard, can lights, and windows were finally added...

plus carpet to hide the poorly patched floors {restoring the hardwood floors was not the current priority but something we may later revisit, so carpet was the easy solution for now} and a headboard wall with full his & hers closets behind. and can't believe this is the last view i've posted.

and we are finally moved in. green velvet headboard was designed by my talented aunt libba for my parents ten or so years ago, but a recent move to the country sparked redecorating, so of course i was happy to take it off mom's hands. wall mounted lamps are ideal for our headboard and were on sale at pottery barn. the "mantle" works great as a bookshelf {though it needs to be tidied up a bit} seeing that we really are without nightstands at the moment {embarrassingly enough, the current nightstands are laundry baskets} and one of the final projects that is yet to be complete, is the making of the long wall of curtains to flow behind the headboard wall to conceal the clutter that is our closets.

and here's my side of the room. the teal shelves are actually space over the water heater that we re-purposed as shelves. the vanity came from my favorite antique/junk market in asheville, nc and the vanity bench was a recent find. both need a new coat of paint.

and of course the gh has her own little nook {and recently got herself a new bed}

after a few months of debating, i recently bought the huge mirror at homegoods when i discovered a whole bunch of them on sale for $50 {!!}

another view that calls full attention to our issue of the moment -- cable box needs to be mounted to the wall still and wires need to be concealed. soon.

here's a recent project and one of my favorite finds. a big-girl/married-person dresser. found on craigslist for $90, i just sanded it down and repainted it.

here's a before shot. ugly wood veneer but really neat carved details.

and in case you're wondering, it's really easy to paint wood furniture. just tape off the mirror.

first remove all hardware and fill in any holes you are not planning to reuse. allow the wood filler to dry and sand down the filler until you can no longer feel the area where you filled the hole. lightly sand down all of the wood you plan to paint {by sand down, i definitely don't mean remove the finish. you are just roughing up the surface slightly to allow the paint to adhere a bit better}. then prime all areas with an OIL-based primer. yes oil paint is annoying to work with, but buy a cheap-o brush you can just throw away and don't fret about having to clean with paint thinner {though you will need it if you are a messy painter}. oil paint is better than latex because it's a harder paint and will therefore stick to and stay on the furniture much better over time.

here's the dresser, fully primed and all holes filled in {the drawer pulls were actually not centered, so i opted to fill all the holes and drill new ones.}

allow primer to dry overnight and then brush on two coats of paint. there are a few differing ideas as to which paint is best for your top coat. you can use latex paint over oil-based primer {just not the other way around. oil over latex = peeling} the downside of latex paint on a piece of frequently used furniture is that because latex paint is softer, it is more susceptible to chips and scratches. you'll also find that objects can sometimes stick to latex painted surfaces and when you pick up the object, it picks up a little bit of paint with it. so my friend at benjamin moore convinced me to go with an oil-based enamel. it goes on much smoother than latex {i.e. showing less of the brush strokes} and so far wears wonderfully.


spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Great job on the dresser! I love the color. It looks amazing!

The Young Family said...

amazing! i love this room! u r so creative!

Katherine said...

The dresser is stunning!

sss said...

thanks all! it's definitely coming along.