30 March 2010

{baby closet}

have a peek into the first space of the bungalow that is virtually finished {haa} the far corner of our bedroom which has now become home to my vanity + trinkets. also note how the walls have been painted {bm stonington gray, oh and the closet is valspar national historic trust bella grove spruce in semi-gloss}

here's a before shot. we're talking about the wall with the black lines on it. besides painting the room a soft dove gray, we removed the closet door on the right. though as you'll see, it isn't a real closet as it houses the hot water heater. the plan is to eventually run curtains along the entire right wall behind the headboard wall and which will also cover the water heater closet--now shelves--so the clutter that is a closet will not always be in plain view.

so to take full advantage of the space above the hot water heater, shelves were installed. just got cabinet grade wood from lowes and cut it to fit. a piece of molding on either side held them in place.

and add some color so shoes and accessories stand out

annnnd--here's where i'm kind of proud of myself--found these really pretty hooks at --get this--wal mart!! for just a couple bucks! {here they are on amazon if you wish for them to just show up on your doorstep} traditionally used for things like hanging plants, i thought the detailing was really pretty and the perfect low profile hook to fully take advantage of the few inches between the outside of the door frame {where the curtain will hang} and the plywood covering the water heater.

*ta-da* oh and the barnwood earring frame was a gift {thanks ev} but i'm pretty sure she got it on etsy


Ann Claire said...

you are so creative!

sss said...

thanks ac! <3

beth said...

hello there, s :) from what I can tell, we have a remarkably similar design scheme going in our bedrooms (the gray walls, teal accents, and almost the exact same lampshades!) i can't wait to see how it turns out. love your blog, and hope you're doing well. -b

sss said...

hey thanks beth! you must have good taste then :) hope you are doing well also. flattered you like my blog. hope to run into you sometime when i'm back in cola. take care!

The Young Family said...

LOVE IT!!! keep the updates coming! it is awesome and coming along great!