16 March 2010

{bella grove spruce sunroom studio}

i hesitated to post these pictures for a few reasons: reason 1-this room is no where close to being finished, still need to paint the trim and floor, and of course move in some furniture, add curtains, and make the huge window seat; reason 2-the paint color looks darker in photos than in real life; reason 3-there is a bit of clutter on the window seat {including, if you look closely, a cardboard box which recently became the house of a stray cat & 4 kittens {we named her patsy cline, if you must know. kittens are two weeks old today and we're saving the naming privileges for family & friends who adopt them. need one?}

but, in realizing that this was the last view posted, it's about time to post some progress. oh and don't forget the fake wood paneling and old sliding glass door in the before photo.

what you can see, is the new french doors, new rug {ballard designs} & lemon tree {early + fabulous birthday present from b's mother and yes it will soon grow lemons} in this photo. said lemon tree still needs a lovely pot in which to call home.

though there is still some clutter on the window seat, prior to painting, it was full of unpacked boxes...

and finally, you can see the closet built to house the washer & dryer and storage areas above. all the trim will be painted white and the stairs pictured on the right side will also be finished and painted. someday soon.

p.s. post title = paint color.

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