12 November 2009

{sunroom studio progress}

i need to take some even more updated photos, but here are the happenings in the sunroom studio. i can't tell you how thrilled i am about this room. last we saw {scroll to the last few photos of that post}, we had bare-boned framing. now they've framed in the top shelves AND the old fake wood paneling has left the building. hallelujah!

the ceiling was framed to drop down a few inches to cover some unsightly plumbing pipes.

AAAAND we have drywall. notice the two small holes that have been punched out above the closets -- that's where the shelves will go. and i should say the most beautiful stacked washer & dryer will go in the left closet and the right closet will probably house laundry stuff, art supplies and other fun items. but what's great about the right closet is that it can easily be converted into a good ol fashioned clothes closet so in the event that we put this beauty on the market in a few years or so, we can definitely market this room as a 3rd bedroom. {ill go ahead and give b credit for this idea. had it been left up to me, that whole closet area would have been a very generous laundry space}

you can kind of see the pipes on the ceiling {connecting up to the master bathroom} in the below picture a bit better so you can understand why it was necessary to cover them up.

this last picture {apologies for the appalling photo quality} shows the view out the back to the marsh. french doors have been put in, and i promise i'll take more pictures / post them soon. with packing up & trying to hold down a real job, taking bungalow photos has really gotten away from me. lots and lots has happened this week {good thing right, since we are supposedly moving in this weekend haa} beadboard ceilings, trimmed windows, crown molding and a very cool project i'll have to tell you about for the master bedroom. for now i'm doing my best to document the progress. happy almost weekend.

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