10 February 2010

{a kitchen cart & navy nightstand}

this past weekend my sister came to visit. she just got married, moved to philiadelphia, and has been shopping around for a few things to furnish her apartment. and while in savannah she found & refinished two delightful pieces which cost her all together under $90!

here are the before photos. both pieces were really dirty, which is hard to see in the photos. also the bottoms in two of the drawers of the nightstand were covered with nasty contact paper {of a brown marbled pattern -- lovely} and warped, so j measured & had new pieces cut and she rebuilt the drawers herself {it was a very impressive process}.

here's the cart with the slats popped off {for now} & cleaned & sanded.

painted & drying...

and here's the cart after it's makeover. she restained the shelves to bring out the natural wood. oh and removed the gross office wheels and gave it new plastic feet.
and the nightstand {i let her borrow some of the polo blue from my kitchen, looks great on furniture too, doesn't it?}
fantastic makeovers j! can't wait to visit you in philly to see them all set up!

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KL said...

Bravo, ladies! Both pieces look great. All that skill must run in the family:)