09 February 2010

{herringbone bath}

huge strides this past weekend in the downstairs bathroom at the bungalow. here are a few before pictures. the first two i know don't look so bad really, but you can't see that the peach walls are peeling sheets of wallpaper.

but the old linoleum floor was by far the worst. if you could zoom in you would also see the grime and built up dirt in between each tile.

so up it came. {tools: hammer + chisel + scraper + put your back into it...easy enough.}

but gross subfloor. not only with black mold but this corner was rotted through.

so we bleached the mold & pulled up the rotted portions of the subfloor.
{note the new tool introduced in this photo. yes that is a pink crowbar. gift when i passed the ga bar exam - thanks e! ...and no you can't buy one in stores}

annnnnd here's where it gets really exciting - mapping out the floor. {!} we weren't ready for the expense or commitment of tile, so for $30 you can have a big ol box of linoleum that looks like wood. yes, yes, could be tacky & cheap. BUT with just a few cuts & the right placement, it's amazing how high-end linoleum can look. {note - you only need to score the linoleum & it will break cleanly on the line. works for curved lines and corners too!}

finally ready to lay the pattern. also you can see the subfloor b replaced all around the bathtub. and don't be concerned, the black mold has been killed with numerous treatments of bleach, but unfortunately it stains the wood. but once it's bleached, the stains do no harm, so easily can cover them up.

annnnnd *ta*da* ...not too bad for $30 + a weekend's work. {also did you notice the new faucet?}

once we tackled the wallpaper & repaired the walls {quite the unglamorous task}, charcoal paint moved in with the herringbone floors.

now all we need is to paint the trim, make a shower curtain, add a ceiling light, oh and reattach the door {in the process of switching the direction the door hangs, & apparently that's a little more involved than initially thought}.

more to come, as always...


KL said...

I am obsessed with this bathroom. Honestly, it (and YOU) should be on an HGTV show! Also, the pic of Brad painting his name? Priceless. Love y'all!! (And your sweet little bungalow:)

Meagan said...

damn, grrrrrl. looks amazing!!

LBH said...

um. LUV!!! how do you know these things?!? you are like a Heloise and Martha Stewart and Jonathan Adler all in one. I'm lucky to know you <3

Mary Godwin said...


sss said...

hey - thanks for all the encouragement! it helps keep me motivated! now all i need are visitors :)

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Woweeee! Looks amazing. Great job! I can't wait to see more pics. :)