08 November 2009

{bungalow kitchen}

didn't realize i hadn't posted any kitchen progress photos. (!)

:: the story of a bungalow kitchen ::
{at least the first few chapters}


dirty cabinets, rusted medieval-looking hardware, old greasy range hood, cheap laminate backsplash, multiple layers of icky contact paper {with shells on it though, so clearly this kitchen was meant to be ours. haa. just click on the below right photo for a little close-up of the loveliness.}, & unpainted sticky cabinet interiors. also, in the photo below right, you're looking into the hole in the counter that used to house a drop-in stove. we'll be trading in the drawers {or what's left of them} for a slide-in range.

as for the gap once meant for a single oven (see below)? i'll save those plans for another post, but i can tell you they are big, big plans.

first things first :: removed all doors, drawers, hardware & hinges {thanking my wonderful sister here for this & many other bungalow kitchen tasks!} also peeled off the laminate & chucked that gross range hood {it doesn't look so bad in pictures, but i promise, even the gh wouldn't approve}.

patched holes, peeled contact paper {which so kindly removed itself in one-square-inch sections. terrible.}, scrubbed, sanded, & primed for painting!

primer all around. already making major strides here.

annnd the debut of the first bungalow paint color:
benjamin moore's polo blue. turns out is absolutely beautiful & luxurious in person.
have recognized computer swatch does not reflect reality & previous fussing proved unnecessary.

backsplash area is painted white to quiet the ugly mess of glue & drywall for now. plans for a glistening aquamarine subway tile something before long.

yes, yes, the counters have things coming to them too. soon.

forgive the mess in the below photo, but this is one of the kitchen spots to which i am most looking forward :: open polo blue shelves to cozy up to baby kitchen window {yes, on these top two cabinets we'll be ditching the doors}. also, a word on the painting scheme. outsides of all cabinets will be polo blue & all interiors will be oxford white. except for these top two, which will be the opposite. polo blue interiors to make white dishes pop & white exteriors to brighten an otherwise dark space.

drawers, shelves, & cabinet doors getting a makeover also. clean & bright.

still lots to do, but feeling very accomplished in pulling it all together.

{ & many thanks to you too, m & d}


KL said...

It's GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to see it in person! :)

Mary Godwin said...

so impressed with all you have done. love the blue paint and open shelving!

LBH said...

ahhhh! cannot contain my excitement. great work shells, and love to the swins.