23 September 2009

{taking to the skies}

lots of things are happening with the bungalow. and in the master bedroom, especially. remember the ceilings? now not only have we rid ourselves of the suffocating popcorn painted ceiling, but the ceiling joists (those horizontal boards that look like beams) have scooted up a few feet. and it makes a huge difference. and hey, the view's not too bad with the plywood gone. windows were put in yesterday...more pictures soon.
wish the ceiling could extend all the way to the point of the roof, but they tell us the duct work has to go somewhere...but doesn't the room feel much larger? soon we'll be adding beadboard, can lights, and a ceiling fan.

p.s. in other news, we spent about two hours in hhgregg yesterday evening and left with a new refrigerator. {!} ok, so not literally did we leave with a fridge on top of b's crv, but a slip of paper says a french door, bottom freezer beauty is about to have a new home on whitfield avenue. and don't think we paid anywhere close to full price for it either. we somehow lucked into finding a floor model that had one tiny dent on it's right side so that somehow shaved almost $800 off the price {!!!} which made it cheaper than a lot of the basic models. how's that for a random tuesday night? oh and that dent, you'll never even know it, as it will be snuggling up to a wall in the kitchen.

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The Young Family said...

wow! great progress! that room really does open up with the ceilings higher! I cant wait to see more of it as it comes along!