13 August 2009

{sew space}

so big things have been happening since i took the sewing class at fabrika. After a month or so researching and visiting local sewing shops, i finally purchased my very own sewing machine. (if you're thinking about getting one too, one of the most useful resources i found was this string of comments over at apartment therapy) i will also say that i splurged a little more than i'd intially planned to and made the decision to buy a higher end sewing machine with the promise that it will last me a lifetime and also comes with a 25 year warranty (and free classes to boot!). since the big purchase, i've been thinking of all the ways to make over our future studio/sewing/office space (don't you just love that fake wood paneling...haa). anyway, i seem to have picked up a small collection of workspace images...

wish list :: vintage dress form. bolts of sunbleached florals.

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