09 June 2009

{soft slumber}

after taking a red-eye flight from san francisco yesterday (speaking of, if you are in the area, you must go here), the comforts of my warm bed have been on my mind today. b & i currently have the white iron bed i've had since college and while i love the look of an iron bed, the pillows are always slipping through the slats. so if we ever decide to spring for something new, an upholstered (preferably tufted!) headboard is top on the list.

{images :: decorpad, orangebeautiful, domino, veranda}

p.s. word on our bungal0w is that there isn't any word just yet...still hoping to work out a price that is agreeable to both us & the seller. this little blog will most certainly have a celebratory post when we finally do find our new place to call home. <3

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KL said...

So lovely, as always. Looking forward to the bungalow celebration! :)