12 January 2011

{new year's lessons: embracing the clutter}

inspiration to not only organize the clutter, but to embrace it, as seen in this month's lonny magazine. for example...

why not put your life's library on display? vary book sizes and placement on each shelf. work in artwork, frames & vases to add depth and interest. simple & symmetric chairs placed in the forefront add a respite from the organized chaos behind.

at a glance petite workspace appears open & free to work, but look closely...

corralling baby frames, knickknacks & smaller containers on one chic tray reads as one larger & deliberate item, rather than a million little trinkets all over the desktop.

ok yes, who has space (or budget) for a wardrobe like this?! but notice the unity of the chrome-tipped lucite drawer handles that add sophistication and glamour to the closet, which is really the heart of the clutter in our home.

{all photos from this month's lonny magazine, which is absolutely the new domino}

feels good to be posting again. my how i've missed you!

11 January 2011

{1.11.11 - seems fitting for resolutions}

new year. new projects.
& back to s&s.

i've been planning a resolution post for sometime now, but have been putting off the actual sitting down and listing all the supposed resolutions. writing them out seems daunting enough, but actually writing them down in a place accessible by others is admittedly a bit terrifying considering now accountability comes into play. though i'm thinking that might just be what we need for renewed motivation. and now that i have procrastinated doing so to what seems like the last logical day for resolutions (at least of the new year's kind), i think it's time to dive back into the little space i created almost two years ago. (!)

not that i can imagine anyone else will care to read this laundry list of resolutions but those of us who call the bungalow home, but in the event that i complete the below resolutions, i hereby promise to share said results here on s&s (which is more than can be said since october of 2010)

ok, the short list...
& written in my most stern voice in which i speak to myself when i've come to the conclusion i have tolerated my laziness far too long.

dining room
1. finish painting & refinishing the daggum dining room chairs you bought half a year ago.
2. recover seats of said dining room chairs (or look into having cleaned the original blue velvet found under two layers of old fabric, which is hopefully the possibility.)
3. sew curtain panels for dining room.
4. repair old brass chandelier & refinish to have a vintage feeling patina & install.

living room
1. either learn to reupholster grandmother's antique duncan phyfe sofa or finally save up some cash to pay a professional to do it for you.
2. recover pair of tufted ottomans that are currently in front of said sofa. (perhaps finding the right fabric finally will expedite this task)
3. source fabric & sew curtains (it's just one window!)

bathroom downstairs
1. for the love, finally hire a plumber to make the shower & bathtub actually function.
2. consider having the tub reglazed.
3. finish sewing shower curtain to proper length.
4. finish caulking around floor.
5. repair & repaint door & trim.

1. paint front door!

1. take down christmas tree & ornaments (not kidding)
2. finally disguise speaker in corner.
3. finally get rid of goodwill pile in the corner. (goodwill is not very far from your house)

sunroom studio
1. finish caulking & paint trim.
2. finish the built in bed project you started forever ago.
3. paint floor (or consider other flooring ideas)
4. built in desk/office area (either get your act together to execute & finish all parts of this project or consider the idea of hiring someone to do so for you).
5. find better filing cabinet so you can establish better filing system.
6. finally post those electronics sitting in the corner on craigslist.
7. curtains!

1. touch up where paint has chipped.
2. paint the floor perhaps?
3. at the very least get a new rug.

1. reattach & repaint railing.

guest bedroom
1. paint floor.

hall bathroom
1. clean (this week please)
2. recaulk shower & tub. (maybe have this one reglazed as well)
3. dare i say retile? what if we took down the wall tile, & floor tile? shower tile could stay, at least for a little while. repair walls & redo floor.

master bedroom
1. closet curtains - source fabric & make.
2. cut down on nightstand clutter. (maybe find ones that have cabinet space or drawers).

master bathroom
1. finish tiling !!
2. figure out what piece of furniture can be adapted to fit two sinks.
3. purchase fixtures (showers, faucets, lights) & mirror over sinks
4. source company for glass door & panels
5. have plumber finally come in & hook everything up!


so i think getting through the bungalow interior is about all i can take for the moment. and there will certainly be later edits & amendments.

but i think this is a good start.
both on resolutions & jumping back into posting.

13 December 2010

{monday shoes}

as if you mermaids hadn't already found your perfect new year's heel:

{bcbgirls ariel at piperlime for $89}

oh and speaking of, i'm thinking we'll resume our regular programming after the new year here at s&s. projects & posts coming up. promise.

30 November 2010

{the nimbus factory}

a friend of mine here in savannah, claire, and three other creatively-minded gals, have started one of the cutest new paper companies called the nimbus factory. so far, i think i'll take one of everything!
holiday cards (the snow bunnies are my personal favorite)
amazingly illustrated playing cards
recipe cards
and this ingenious seasonal wall calendar.
congratulations to the nimbus factory!
p.s. does anyone else love the baby cloud icons on their website as much as i do?

29 November 2010

{monday trimmings}

for feet & fur trees...

{birthstone flats at anthropologie for a reasonable $64 and might i just say what if you bought these and string your very own? =savings of $60some and change...}

22 November 2010

{monday shoes}

in need of new flats. perhaps some of the ballerina variety.

{pirouette over to the gap for city flats in a multitude of colors. $39 regular price, but aren't things always on sale over there?}

and yes, i realize i've been a little sparse around here. sometimes i get caught up in the time spent / impact had ratio. that, and bungalow projects have slowed considerably since taking on new endeavors. which i plan to document here. in the somewhat near future.

15 November 2010

{monday shoes}

vintage inspired with bows and lipstick heel. all you need are bright tights and a patterned party skirt.

{seychelles in with the new pumps at endless for $89}

08 November 2010

{monday shoes}

a little surplus chic: olive felt t-straps. wear em to work or weekend.
{pink studio felt heel on sale at richmond's own need supply for $69}

01 November 2010

{monday shoes}

emerald and gold make for stunning suede pumps.
{nine west elnora pumps in dark green suede at endless for $89}

26 October 2010

{hollywood regency meets palm springs}

can't get enough of all the color and pattern kate schintzius, of m. design interiors, brought into her hollywood apartment.
avocado green accents in her bathroom makes old yellow tile feel fresh.

{see these and many more photos of her space on design*sponge}

21 October 2010

{natural villas}

when was it that hardwood floors and tiled bathrooms became the standard for homes across america? ...daydreaming of airy caverns nestled in the greek isles.
natural colors and textures - sea and sand
don't think i'd ever wear shoes with these cool stone floors.
even the bathtub seems to have been carved right from the hillside.
{photos via style files}

19 October 2010

{booth for turquoise}

petite turquoise lacquered dresser ready to find a new home.
(oh and while we're on the subject, the framed botanicals --which there are many more available-- are 1 for $20 or 2 for $38)
a blue dresser would be so lovely in your cottage...
or to take center stage at a party...
or cheery on your sunporch...
{photos via country living, oh clementine, dear daisy cottage}

18 October 2010

{monday shoes}

love the color combinations of these fall flats from pink studio. navy & olive, oatmeal & aqua, wheat & wine.

{pink studio geneva ballet flat at endless for $78}

14 October 2010

{relaxed details}

love the thoughtful yet unfussy details of john robshaw's home featured in lonny. in particular this guest room with its bits of lilac and plum to add feminine charm to neutral walls and grey-blue painted floors. hoping the bungalow guest room has a similar appeal, but just wait til i paint those floors..
pops of pattern and color create depth and texture. though i am in love with the lattice string work on the bamboo rolled shade and must have them. anyone have any idea where i can acquire these??

p.s. did you see the s&s shout-out jamie's blog, i suwannee?? still loving my pillows and love jamie's shop!

12 October 2010

{oooh bungalow kitchen looking good}

(and heyyy does the post title make you wonder if i've had a glass or two of wine? ... because maybe i have. but while we're on that subject, let me tell you my favorite wine as of late/alllll summer: cupcake sauvignon blanc. also a little wine tip: if citrus flavored wines are your fave white wines but you know little about white wines in general, you should always order the new zealand savignon blanc as they are never too sweet but always citrus and summery.) annnnyways...

did you even realize that i haven't really posted a real photo of the bungalow kitchen since tile + paint has been completed? remember the very beginning? and now here we are -- as up to date as it gets on s&s...
and don't you love a vintage chandelier in the kitchen? especially a $35 one.
credit is owed to friends lilytheinteriordesigner & danielthearchitect who said wouldn't it be even more lovely to paint the outside of the shelves the same polo blue as the inside of the shelves? (and if you clicked on that polo blue link, it looks nothing like that in real life)
and how right they were. it unifies the kitchen and adds such a sophistication to our small cooking space. by the way, did you even notice my roman shade adorning kitchen sink window?? i made it myself. and promise to give a tutorial one of these days as it was easy as pie. custom roman shades are expensive to buy but easy to make, so which do you think i chose?
view back to the dining room that still is without chairs (or rather, chairs are preoccupied on the porch getting a paint job..)
here's a before shot from almost the same angle.
and here's the stove side with newly {home}made curtain for pantry shelf. love mattress ticking and all, but eventually i'll change it out for something different. oh and finally cabinet doors are returned to the storage above the microwave. ta da!