12 January 2011

{new year's lessons: embracing the clutter}

inspiration to not only organize the clutter, but to embrace it, as seen in this month's lonny magazine. for example...

why not put your life's library on display? vary book sizes and placement on each shelf. work in artwork, frames & vases to add depth and interest. simple & symmetric chairs placed in the forefront add a respite from the organized chaos behind.

at a glance petite workspace appears open & free to work, but look closely...

corralling baby frames, knickknacks & smaller containers on one chic tray reads as one larger & deliberate item, rather than a million little trinkets all over the desktop.

ok yes, who has space (or budget) for a wardrobe like this?! but notice the unity of the chrome-tipped lucite drawer handles that add sophistication and glamour to the closet, which is really the heart of the clutter in our home.

{all photos from this month's lonny magazine, which is absolutely the new domino}

feels good to be posting again. my how i've missed you!

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