28 September 2010

be my {bungalow guest}

our guest bedroom might be the most finished room of the house.
care to see it from the beginning? here it is with pre-painted beadboard & newly installed window.

dreaming about eventually redoing the floors. with a bit of white paint that is.
and here's the after. or at least the current state. still need curtains. i have to give b credit for the paint color. this was the last one we chose of the main rooms and after i agonized over the rest of the colors, he'd had enough and picked one in under 30 seconds and marched me to the front of the store. oh and it's yarmouth blue by benjamin moore if you're wondering (though the swatch on my computer is no where close to the actual color).
what was a decent size closet before we filled it is on the left. a seafoam green dresser that used to be pea green and i white-washed is on the right and came from the antique tobacco barn in asheville (favorite antique/junk shop ever) and was acquired for my very first apartment in college. also found on the same trip is the blanket chest/trunk at the foot of the bed. if you are ever in asheville, you have to go. and now that i'm listing everything, the chair in the corner was also fruit of that trip and actually was bought with the vanity in the master bedroom now. i never got around to painting it though, so it remains a rather dingy cream color sometimes referred to as shabby chic. hm.
white iron bed is from pottery barn, bedding from a combined home goods, anthropologie, and belk. lamps are from target and eventually i'm hoping to recover the shades.
won't you come for a visit, dear friend?


The Young Family said...

looks awesome!!! i am loving the bungalow and cant wait to see it in real life sometime!!!

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

yes please! looks amazing. i love the mix & match bedding. great work!

Rosie said...

What a glorious bedroom! Enough to make any guest feel so welcome. (beautiful bedding!) x

sss said...

thanks so much!