12 October 2010

{oooh bungalow kitchen looking good}

(and heyyy does the post title make you wonder if i've had a glass or two of wine? ... because maybe i have. but while we're on that subject, let me tell you my favorite wine as of late/alllll summer: cupcake sauvignon blanc. also a little wine tip: if citrus flavored wines are your fave white wines but you know little about white wines in general, you should always order the new zealand savignon blanc as they are never too sweet but always citrus and summery.) annnnyways...

did you even realize that i haven't really posted a real photo of the bungalow kitchen since tile + paint has been completed? remember the very beginning? and now here we are -- as up to date as it gets on s&s...
and don't you love a vintage chandelier in the kitchen? especially a $35 one.
credit is owed to friends lilytheinteriordesigner & danielthearchitect who said wouldn't it be even more lovely to paint the outside of the shelves the same polo blue as the inside of the shelves? (and if you clicked on that polo blue link, it looks nothing like that in real life)
and how right they were. it unifies the kitchen and adds such a sophistication to our small cooking space. by the way, did you even notice my roman shade adorning kitchen sink window?? i made it myself. and promise to give a tutorial one of these days as it was easy as pie. custom roman shades are expensive to buy but easy to make, so which do you think i chose?
view back to the dining room that still is without chairs (or rather, chairs are preoccupied on the porch getting a paint job..)
here's a before shot from almost the same angle.
and here's the stove side with newly {home}made curtain for pantry shelf. love mattress ticking and all, but eventually i'll change it out for something different. oh and finally cabinet doors are returned to the storage above the microwave. ta da!


Genevieve said...

SSS-- your kitchen looks amazing.

I think you should petition for a guest appearance with Vanilla Ice on his new show...


...OR just have a show of your own :)

sss said...

thanks so much genevieve! having my own show would be a dream come true. :)

Aero said...

Wow, that before and after shot really does that kitchen remodel justice. your title is wrong, it Looks great!!!