20 July 2010

{ok, ok i'll show you something real...}

i hadn't really planned on showing this room yet seeing that it's far from finished. but i guess that's the whole point about blogging about the goings-ons of the bungalow.

so here we go. a before. of the living room. uncharted territory as shell&seaglass knows it.
{though come to think of it you've seen it before and didn't even know.}
and if you want to attempt to get your bearings, do a 180 and you see this.

and here we are post-move-in --yes *post* move-in-- and really, it was post-move-in+4-months-hence. as in the living room was more storage/workspace/painting area/low priority until! recently!
{p.s. enormous farmhouse sink in the far left corner, originally purchased on craigslist prior to purchasing bungalow --which is not recommended by the way-- i sold back on craigslist at a $75 profit {!!!!!} }

annnnd here we are now. repainted & arranged shelves. painted fireplace. biggest improvement = cleanliness. fireplace still needs a mantle. hoping for a beautiful length of reclaimed wood. perhaps the hope for hanging christmas stockings will increase this need later in the year.

close up of the far right side of the shelves. and if you are observant you might find evidence of a type-a shelf arranger.

i promise i will show you the other side of the room, but as you'll soon see, the shelf side is really the highlight. orange shelf brackets-turned-bookends are a yard sale find. the tulipere {bonus points if you know what that is and can also identify it on the shelves} was a favorite birthday present.

alright, the following is exactly why i haven't been rushing to post anything about the so-called living room of the bungalow. let's be clear - at the moment, this room is no where near my ideals. in it's current state it's an awkward grouping of ill-sized and ill-looking hodgepodge of handmedowns, craigslist, & target finds. *but* just hear me out on the potential.

1 - two storage ottomans with nailhead trim - found from target believe it or not. grant it the current fabric feels like a dryer sheet and for some reason is slightly different shades from one ottoman to the next, but these ottomans are hoping to turn into my first self-taught reupholstery project. currently looking for a bright print in a twill or linen.

2 - the rug - it's a sisal from ballards. the picture does no justice to what is in person a lovely tailored texture against the dark floors. also not doing it justice is the fact that everything else is currently drowning in a color somewhere between oatmeal and blah.

3 - the chairs. well one {the small middle one} is the chair that came with my old vanity so it is just holding down the fort until a proper replacement is found/afforded. the other is a cane back chair that came out of my grandmother's house and is itching to be reupholstered and possibly painted. {do not gasp at the idea of paint, it's no fine antique.} what i'd really like to have ultimately is a matching pair of chairs to sit on either side of the sofa.

4 - little blue lamp. target shabby chic from a five or so years ago. was white & too shabby so got a fresh paint of french blue {in fact the same french blue as baby kitchen shelf} the pictured lamp shade has actually already headed back to the store as it fit in to a fault with the oatmeal pallet from which we are looking to escape.

5 - sofa - yes right now it is covered in a white damask silk and without getting into the impracticalities of said fabric choice for our lifestyle, let's just say that the end goal is a much different look. this sofa is a duncan phyfe style and was my grandparents first piece of furniture they ever purchased {so naturally i love it}. and as it's about to get a makeover in the avocado green fabric on the left.

p.s. above fabrics are from jo-anns...would you believe? so far these swatches are just to generate some ideas, definitely not using all of them. right now only the sofa has been decided & is going to be the avocado green.

much more to come for the bungalow living room.


Rosie said...

I love your shelves! Such pretty displays, very aesthetically pleasing :)
I'm an obsessive shelf re-arranger too.

sss said...

thanks rosie! it's the truth, it takes so much longer to get the shelves just right than you would think.

LBH said...

i do believe this was my favorite room of all. it's a charming work in progress with endless potential! can't wait to see the finished product.

KL said...


Oh my goodness-- SO excited to see it (and you, of course) tonight!! xoxo

The Young Family said...

um this looks awesome! far from ideal my booty...i LOVE it!!!

sss said...

heyy thanks everyone. it's coming along. definitely making progress :)