26 March 2010


unlike someone else who lives in the bungalow, i generally do not find the black monstrosity --albeit a skinny one-- that is our television particularly attractive. and though i'll concede that it is marginally better looking mounted on the wall sans cheap credenza to keep cords, it still is currently the focus of our den / main living space and i've lately been brainstorming ways to downplay that focus, or distract from it at the very least. and considering it is on the largest wall in the den {and wow, that photo is old and also makes it look as though i have zero design sense. promise updated photos stat.} and the only one that doesn't have windows or several doorways, doing a gallery style wall is a real possibility. though there are concerns of it looking cluttered. a real editing eye would be necessary to pull off television incorporated salon picture wall successfully...hmmm..

and while the following idea really wouldn't work in our den space considering the aforementioned issue of wall space, the idea of doing a gallery wall on a neighboring wall to the tv is intriguing and maybe would divert attention altogether?

this next photo is a beautiful integration of collection and television. didn't even notice the tv until you looked again, did you? love the top shelf idea with leaning frames. though my wall is really three times the length of this one. perhaps will steal leaning frame shelf for elsewhere...

and perhaps need to at some point accept that i/we live in a home that does enjoy its share of {mindless?} television and not actually in the pages of an interior design magazine. but that doesn't mean i can't have impeccable design in the room in which the television resides. thank you palmer weiss for this beautiful but realistic family room.

...can't resist another view of the same room.

or the fantastic tangerine damask curtains with aqua trim. love.

{photos via hgtv, apartment therapy *and see more ideas there on how to incorporate a tv, house beautiful, and the last 3 photos - room designed by palmer weiss}

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KL said...

A#1- Your den is beautiful.
B#2- I can't which "solution" you decide to integrate! You have such an eye and I love your home. :)