15 January 2010

{shaded haven}

time again...to make more decisions: paint color for bungalow bedroom.

thinking stonington grey. like in the den.

but forget the walls,
bring on feathered fluff!
happy happy weekend!
big surprise come monday. ok fine, you're on pins & needles, so ill just say: here at s&s we'll be featuring our very first *giveaway*. come over monday and see details, but here's a hint.
p.s. love these swimsuits ... summer i miss you.
p.p.s. ooo zac posen for target, stores april 25th. hmm, birthday present?


SCWB said...

we've had so many grey rooms in both of our houses, and by far my favorite is Edgecombe Gray by Benjamin Moore. It's a lot warmer than the other grays we used (a greige, really) but I am really enjoying it in our bedroom now. We actually painted over the original, cooler gray we chose (I think BM Subtle Touch?) which always bothered me. in our townhouse we had gray living rooms and a bedroom in the same family of shades which was lovely. Grey is great!

s said...

hey sarah, funny you should mention edgecombe gray because that is actually the color we are using in the foyer/downstairs stairwell. it blends nicely with the stonington gray, but i definitely agree that it has more brown in it so definitely fits the description as a greige. (also i bet it's a good color for the bedroom) anyway, thanks for reading & leaving a comment...it helps me get through the day... let me know if you have other paint suggestions!