29 January 2010

{a closet boutique}

thinking this may be the weekend we make the move out of the guest room and into the bungalow master bedroom {psst, we have carpet now}. just need a little painting and then the organizing can begin.
admiring anna's dressing room {see more photos of it here} and itching to put my own trinkets and high heels on display {& also acquire an ikat slipper chair!}
happy friday!

wish an entire room could be devoted to my dressings...but still toying with thoughts of incorporating mirrored surfaces and fur rugs {yes, b, i'll keep it to my side of the closet}.

{images via :: apartment therapy (1 &3), making it lovely}


spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

And an ikat globe? Yes please.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure thats not an "ikat globe" its just a small mirror reflecting the ikat pattern on the chair lol