01 December 2009

{hazy snowfall}

december daydreams of winterwonderland, even if it's not really cold outside, baby.

{images via :: house of turquoise, somerset, this is glamorous, martha stewart, azulskies, home sweet home, christopher maya for house beautiful, and design sponge}

looking for soon cozy weekends in our bungalow {even if it is currently in a very messy state.} and as for an update, we're in. as of last sunday evening {bed, gh, and an assortment of belongings included}. though unfortunately rickythecontractor + friends have not yet moved out. so settling in is kind of out of the question as surviving in the mess is about all we can manage at the moment. perhaps ill post some photos of the mess. but for now i'll live through the relaxed photos above.

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KL said...

Prettiest post EVER! The bungalow will be this lovely soon, I'm sure. :)