16 December 2009

{dove grey & seafoam}

so of course big things have been happening at the bungalow. and with moving + annoyingly demanding jobs + limited internet access + attempts at organizing + high maintenance greyhound it has left me with little opportunity to keep things afloat here at s&s.

in fact here is that fussy hound in the mess of moving.

needing to see an immediate major update, painting was the quick and easy solution. b will tell you that it took me forever to pick out a paint color... listen, finding the perfect dove grey is a bit of a challenge. also please just take note as to someone else's priorities as evidenced in the below photos.

...how many college championship games are on are you telling me?
in any case, here's our mostly painted den. lovely dove grey walls. amazing how much cleaner the room feels with a fresh coat of paint.

and see the gorgeousness found under the switch plate...

of course the trim needs to be painted and once we actually unpack a box or two, we might find a personality for our den one of these days.

onwards & upwards...more paint samples. going for a serene blue in the stairwell, quite a few hues lighter than our saturated entrance ceiling.

and here we have it. remember the before? we'll have to come back with a ladder to paint the area around the vent, so ignore that part and you get the idea. {note - due to poor photo quality, paint color is appearing much more blue grey than the green blue that it is in person. guess you'll just have to come visit soon to see for yourself.}

serene seafoam. velvety black iron. mother of pearl luminary.

& bungalow early morning haze.

more to come. as always.


Anonymous said...

could you tell me the dove grey paint that you used?

KL said...

I am in love with your home. So, so, excited for my favorite Shells:) xoxo

sss said...

Hi Anonymous, Very flattered that you like my dove grey wall color. I'll check the paint swatch tonight and get back to you with the color.

sss said...

Ok, the color is Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore.
It looks a little more khacki on my computer screen than it does in real life, but it definitely is warmer than a lot of grays out there. Happy painting!