18 November 2009

great {wain}scot

beadboard is gracing bungalow ceilings. here we have it in the stairwell.
the kitchen.
in the sunroom studio. {also check out the new doors to the laundry closet + shelves}
and finally, in the master bedroom. oh and i should add it will be getting a fresh coat of semi-gloss oxford white paint and we'll start to really feel like a beachy home bungalow. more photos to come.

p.s. now when i said we were moving last weekend i didn't fully explain what i meant by moving. i was mostly referring to the act of moving out. not so much the moving in -er- at least not to the bungalow. but not to worry. we have moved. to a uhaul + truck + crv + rickythecontractor's beach house. yep. unfinished bungalow + unhappy/homeless us = rickythecontractor on the line. BUT we're moving *in* for real come saturday.
also that is why i haven't really posted this week...no internet at the beach. {and yes i know, r.t.c.'s beach house is really not roughing it too much, so no need to feel bad for us}

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Anonymous said...

I love the wrought-iron stair rail. and all of it.