04 September 2009

{tropical punch fiesta}

happy, happy long-weekend-friday.

this weekend i am embarking on my final trip of the 6weekendsinarowoutoftownextravaganza.

the occasion is my little sister's hen party (hen party = cuter than bachelorette party, no?) and in really just a matter of hours, i will be meeting j & ten of her closest friends at the south carolina seashore for a tropical punch fiesta. meaning there will be sangria. and pineapple upside down cake cocktails. and homemade guacamole. and apricot slushees. and lots and lots of baby coronitas. also, can i tell you my new favorite party obsession (j-don't click this link if you read this before this weekend.) i mean, how perfect is this one for the party?

ok so in keeping with the weekend theme, and to brighten things up a bit after yesterday's white wash, how bout a blast of color and happy florals to send you on your weekend.

p.s. fit for celebrations :: put champagne bubbles to work.

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Missy said...

Yay! Another blogger friend. I saw your post on fb...visit my dorky blog...


missy dempsey hale