10 September 2009

{floor motif}

knowing that painting the floors in the bungalow is already in the works, im starting to get a little fidgety about having every one of them a plain white. and i just noticed today how i've been collecting quite a few photos of patterned painted floors. my dreams are swimming in harlequin, chevron, stripes, & florals. i'm thinking the kitchen might be my guinea pig. (i should also offer as a side note, that b is rather skeptical about patterned painted floors. when discussing their potential i am met with the one eyebrow stare. so darling, these are for you.)

{images from top :: windsor smith, sarah story, via shelter (both blue floors), ginger barber for house beautiful, & mary mcdonald via shelter}

p.s. delightful before & after from design sponge. complete with clever tutorial.

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