21 July 2009


putting up and {especially} taking down wallpaper can be such a royal pain. my mother and i spent hours peeling off strips of ugly olive green grasscloth wallpaper in my room when i was in high school and i can remember swearing off the sticky sheets for good.

though when the paper instantly turns a boring wall into a romantic garden, the pain to get it up there {or to take the old stuff down} suddenly seems worthwhile. but there is the possibility of too much of a good thing, so i'd probably try to corral my garden onto one wall for a more modern feel.

thinking i could get behind florals in the kitchen. not sure b would be on that train though.

floral overload. but i think in smaller doses i would really like the paper and fabric {actually i really love the fabric, just maybe not as a dustruffle}

above right :: success! accent wall brings instant glamour to what could otherwise be a very boring office.

loving some of the seventies' style florals.

{images from top via :: elle interior, the city sage, easy living magazine, elle decor, dwellings and decor (5&6), the inspired room}

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