07 May 2009

{grateful 365}

what a beautiful article and photo gallery i came across today in Notebook Magazine (i wish i could actually subscribe rather than having to read it online). titled 365 reasons to be grateful, a photographer, hailey bartholomew, talks about her personal project for which every day for one year, she took a single polaroid photograph of something for which she was grateful.
"it’s easy to spend our lives rushing from one thing to the next, but this allowed me to kind of press pause each day and savour those beautiful moments that would otherwise pass me by."

"i think what [this project has done] is, when i get really busy and stressed with work i forget what i have and the everyday practice of this project pulls me back to what is important – constantly – which is really good for someone like me because i get a bit driven and forget what i really want. this project just puts it all in perspective."

"when you’re looking out for good things in your life, it’s as if they stand out more. even if i don’t photograph them, they stand out now."

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KL said...

That is absolutely beautiful. REALLY put things in perspective for me this afternoon. Thank you so much for sharing!! xoxo