14 May 2009

{eat in} kitchen

a petite table in or attached to the kitchen would be about all we'd need in the dream-bungalow. i really like the coziness a booth creates if we have the space for one.

if the bungalow has more space, a separate dining area could work. either way i hope our kitchen can have as much natural light as this one.

and if the bungalow has less space, a convenient bar area could work well too.

ok so i'm straying a bit from the talk of breakfast nooks, but this next kitchen photo from domino really helps a little kitchen feel luxurious with the gunmetal grey and turquoise door (again with the turquoise, i'm telling you it's gotta go somewhere in the dream-bungalow). and that chandelier is so unexpected and glamorous in a tiny kitchen. love.

oh and also i found another glorious farmhouse sink photo. the overall decor is getting a little to country for me but i love this huge porcelain sink. and yet another chandelier in the kitchen. though i'm going to say if there is a chandelier in the kitchen i dont think it will be crystal. that might be a tad much for me.

{images: country living & domino}

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