30 April 2009

{sky parlour}

in perusing design blogs today, i came across the blog pattern of life and these dramatic before and after photos of the author's attic space transformed. grant it her husband is a contractor, so he certainly has a step-up on the rest of us, but what an amazing space he and his wife carved out of an area of the house most of us see only for storage. if i am ever lucky enough to have a room like this, i'm thinking i'd make it into 1/3 art studio (maybe pop in a few skylight windows for more natural light), 1/3 library & reading nook (hooray for window seats), and 1/3 exercise room. perfect. now b & i just have to add "attic space with lots of potential" to our dreamhouse priority list.

final result - gleaming black floors & generous built-in shelving. the tallest shelf section even has built-in ladder rungs to allow easy access to the loftiest shelf. simply brilliant.

before - closed in walls and low ceilings make the before space your everyday attic.

in process - it's remarkable how much extra space is found just in removing the old ceiling and wall boards. and take a look at those exposed beams.

continued process - adding insulation & soon to be new ceiling panels.

another view of the final project. the attic essentially became two separate rooms. and though you can't see it in the photos, the author mentioned something about a bathroom being installed. so the space could easily double (or triple, or quadruple?) into a guest room. i am also curious about their creative solution for access to the area. still a standard pull-down ladder? or maybe spiral stairs.

yet another view. these photos are making me want to paint my future dreamhouse floors a glossy black. and the exposed beams really tie the space together. all in all, beautiful work.
{you can see all of these images & the designer's note at pattern of life}

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