09 March 2009

{a nook for sunshine}

daylight savings has hit savannah with full force and what was lost in time and sleep was made up for in sunshine and 80 degree weather. the first spring--albeit unofficial--saturday was just begging to be spent outside in a sundress, so kl & i took a good bit of the afternoon to amble through outdoor antique/second-hand markets. when kl happened upon a steal of a wrought iron bench for her porch, in need of only a bath and a fresh coat of colorful spray paint, it got me thinking about the essentials needed to create an inviting and charming outdoor room with whatever space and budget you have (and in my case both are on the smaller side, so we'll focus on that mostly).

springtime comes easily via punchy throw pillows. add some geraniums, a potted hydrangea, and a baby palm or two and your menagerie will be blooming with color.

pillows from persnicketyhome's etsy shop, world market, earnest&thistle's etsy shop, and crate and barrel. top image from domino magazine.

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